We Can Braille your Business Cards

September 9, 2013

We've spent over 12 years researching and tweaking our embossing method to create perfect braille business cards. Each and every card ordered contains accurate, easy-to-read braille according to your exact specifications.

BrailleBusinessCards.com is owned and operated by The Braille Superstore, so you'll get the same kind of exemplary service you've come to expect from us. Simply send us your cards, and we'll Braille them for you.

Unfortunately, far too many business owners overlook the needs of blind and visually impaired clients. Even if they are just a fraction of a business's client base, owners should still be courteous of their needs. Braille business cards are designed specifically for this reason - they allow business owners to market their services and products to those with visual disabilities through cards. It's small steps such as this that reveal the true professionalism and customer service of a company.

We use state-of-the-art embossing machines to custom make your braille business cards. So, whether it's 250 or 1,000 braille business cards, each order comes with a 3-day turnaround guarantee. As soon as we receive your printed business cards along with your Braille specifications, we drop into high gear - spinning through the embossing process of your cards in a matter of hours. After embossing is complete, your business cards will feature clear, crisp, ADA-compliant, Grade 2 Braille that's easy to read. Before you even have a chance to track your cards to make sure they've arrived at our facility, they've been unpacked, Brailled, and are winging their way back to you. Now that is fast service!

It's important to remember that Braille is quite a bit larger than print, so business cards offer a limited amount of space for Braille characters. Because we're printing on your existing cards, space is somewhat limited. Most folks order their braille business cards with their personal name, their company's name, and phone number. But we will always help you set your Braille cards up in a way that's just right for you.

Our advanced embossing technique allows for a maximum of four lines, consisting of thirteen characters each. Unless otherwise requested, braille is embossed onto the back of each business card to minimize its effect on the visible portion on the front. Of course, though, we're always happy to make special arrangements based on your individual needs.

The Braille Superstore has been in business for almost fifteen years, so it's safe to say we know a thing or two about creating high-end braille products. Our goal is to offer a wide range of products designed to make life easier for individuals with blindness or other forms of visual disabilities - and Braille business cards fit right into that model. Our latest line of braille business cards is just one of our many products designed to make life easier for those living with blindness or impaired vision.

Braille business cards offer a certain level of professionalism and care that you just don't realize with traditional business cards. Simply send your normal, printed business cards to us, and we'll instantly transform them into clear, easy-to-read Braille cards that are accessible to everyone!