Product Directions

Directions for theWater Resistant Talking Watch From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Place the watch on a table in front of you, with the buckle facing to the left.

Buttons. Top-Left: Talk
Top-Right: Mode
Bottom-Left: Hour
Bottom-Right: Minute

Operation. To set the watch, press Mode once to enter the time-setting mode. Press the Hour and Minute buttons until the correct time is reached. Press the Mode button and repeat the above procedure for the Alarm.

Press Mode a third time to enter the Features menu. Press Hour to configure Hourly Report (1 beep for on during the day, 2 beeps indicates always on, and a low tone indicates it is off). Hit Minute to turn the Alarm on and off. Now, press Mode a fourth time, or simply wait for the watch to beep. This returns you to normal mode.

In normal mode, press Talk to hear the current time. Press Hour to toggle between 12-hour (1 beep) or 24-hour (no beeps) time announcement. Press Minute to select your favorite alarm sound: Beep-beep-beep, cuckoo, Obnoctious Tune, Pretty tune, or Down-right Annoying Tune.

Happy time-telling!

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