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Unified English Braille Contractions Booklet

Lists Every UEB Contraction - and What It Stands For
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Product Features

  • Small; sturdy book to help master UEB contracted Braille.
  • Up-to-date; easy to use; complete.
  • Book begins with a quick alphabet review.
  • Includes all UEB contractions; word signs; short form words; and punctuation marks.
  • Alphabetized for quick reference.
  • Clarifies major differences between grade 2 and UEB Braille.
  • Package Weight: about 9.9 ounces.

Product Description

After learning to read and write uncontracted Braille; the next step is to familiarize yourself with the numerous short-forms that make contracted Braille so much faster to read. Since the vast majority of Braille readers read books printed in contracted Braille; the sooner you can begin reading it yourself; the better. And there's no better way to commit the various contractions to memory than by using our new Unified English Braille Contractions Booklet.

This portable Braille book begins by refreshing your memory on which dots make up each letter of the alphabet; and then goes on to list every single contraction; word sign; short-form word; and punctuation mark that makes Braille so interesting. Plus; the entire list is alphabetized; so when you forget what a symbol stands for (it's bound to happen now and then; right?); it'll take you less than a minute to refresh your memory.

And if you are already a fluent Braille reader and are just making the transition from grade 2 to Unified English Braille, this booklet is for you as well. Not only does it have a comprehensive list of UEB contractions and symbols, but it also has some handy notes on the back pages that summarize the major changes made in UEB Braille. We guarantee that, once you've studied this well-organized UEB contractions booklet, you'll be very comfortable with reading UEB Braille from now on!

Note: A contractions booklet is available for Original Grade 2 Braille upon request.

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