Product Directions

Directions for theTalking Bathroom Scale From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

To use your Talking Bathroom Scale, simply tap the platform with your foot. The scale will announce "Are you ready?" Now step on the scale. It will then announce "Stand still", then your weight.

To change the announcement of weight between kilograms and pounds, flip over the scale so that the platform is facing the floor. Now find the battery compartment on the back of the unit. Beside the battery compartment is a button. Pressing the button will toggle the weight announcement between kilograms and pounds for you. Please note that the voice on the unit will not announce the change audibly; however, after pressing the button once, you will find the weight announcement has changed the next time you step on your scale.

That's all there is to it. Enjoy your new Talking Bathroom Scale!

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