How to Play Racing Crown

Directions courtesy of Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

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- Racing Crown (Tactile)
Avoid Holes and Be First Across the Finish Line
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For two players.

Object of the Game. Your goal is to race a peg clear around your track, hoping to avoid getting captured in the process. If you are lucky enough to make it to your winning row, you win the game!

Play. To start, place your first peg in the hole at the bottom-right of the board. Then roll the dice, and move your peg the number of spaces shown on the dice. Your first turn is over, and it's time for the other player to do the same.

Sound easy? Be careful - there's a surprise waiting for you! Every so often, there are drop-off points along each track. If you land in one of these holes, your peg will drop through the board and out of sight. when that happens, you have to grab another peg and start again ... back at the beginning.

Winning the Game. If you are lucky enough to be the first to race a peg all around the board and into your home row, you win the game. But you should also keep in mind that, if you're having particularly bad luck and lose all six of your pegs before your opponent does, you automatically lose the game!

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