Braille Marriage, Happy Anniversary Cards

Now comes the fun part! We have 21 Marriage, Happy Anniversary cards to pick from, and I'll show them to you now. When you see one that looks good, just click "Take a Closer Look".

Happy Folks
Card says: Here's hoping that your special day is grand from start to end, The nicest anniversary that happy folks could spend. Here's hoping that as the years go by, you'll truly come to find Each anniversary happier than those you've left behind. Take a Closer Look

Hand in Hand
Card says: Hand in hand you both have found a happiness that grows, Hand in hand you've shared the joys a loving couple knows. And in the future, may your hopes, and all the things you've planned Turn out just right for you to share, together--hand in hand. Happy anniversary! Take a Closer Look

What's an Anniversary
Card says: What's an anniversary? It brings back thoughts of wedding bells, and promises once made That grow in meaning through the years, that time can never fade It marks a happy milestone of sharing daily life Of friends and home and family, all dear to man and wife It's a time for looking forward to the years still on the way And a love that grows still deeper with each anniversary day. Happy Anniversary! Take a Closer Look

What is Marriage
Card says: What is marriage? It's vacuuming carpets and hammering nails. It's saving a dollar by shopping at sales. It's balancing checkbooks and paying off bills. It's cleaning the windows and mopping up spills. It's two busy schedules, but one happy life, With each moment you share as husband and wife. Happy Anniversary! Take a Closer Look

Will to Live
Card says: Congratulations on your anniversary. You two have known ups and downs, the joys and cares of life, And have formed a special closeness in being man and wife. You've given to your family, and to many others too, The strength to face their problems, the will to live and do. That's why you both are loved so much, and why this shining day, Has meaning to your dear ones time can never take away. Best wishes to both of you. Take a Closer Look

Lifetime Through
Card says: Anniversary wishes, For the day congratulations, For the year best wishes too. And may all you both are hoping for Be yours a lifetime through. A very happy anniversary! Take a Closer Look

Years Ahead
Card says: From both of us on your anniversary. Making a wish that the happiest part, Of both of your lives is about to start. Hoping the dreams you share come true, In the wonderful years ahead of you. Take a Closer Look

Card says: Wishing special blessings For a couple who's warm and thoughtful ways Bring joy to others throughout the year. Bless you both on your wedding anniversary! Take a Closer Look

Wonderful Parents
Card says: For the two wonderful parents on your anniversary. Thinking of you both and the love you've always given, And wishing you happiness with love that's always yours. Happy anniversary! Take a Closer Look

Congrats on Your Anniversary
Card says: Congratulations on your anniversary And wishes for all the happiness in the world. Take a Closer Look

On Your Anniversary
Card says: On your anniversary. Congratulations and best wishes on this happy occasion. Take a Closer Look

Love, Deserving
Card says: This greeting on your special day is sent with lots of love, To wish you all the happiness you're so deserving of. For your anniversary, with love. Take a Closer Look

Love, Garden
Card says: If Love's joyful moments bring blossoms to our lives, Then the love you both share must have created a garden of beauty beyond compare. Happy Anniversary! Take a Closer Look

Happiness and Love
Card says: It's plain to see you two were made for each other, Because of the happiness and love you share. Just a little wish that your anniversary will be a wonderful and joyous one. Happiness Always! Take a Closer Look

Brief, Happy Engagement
Card says: For two nice people. Hope a very happy engagement Leads to a wonderfully happy marrage. Best wishes. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Years Ahead
Card says: May the years ahead hold more of the same love and happiness you've already known. Have a great Anniversary! Take a Closer Look

Brief, Many More
Card says: Happy anniversary ... and here's to many, many more! Hope you two really enjoy your special day together. Take a Closer Look

Brief, Happiness Together
Card says: Wishing you a wonderful anniversary, And many more years of happiness together. Take a Closer Look

First Year, Beyond Compare
Card says: On your first wedding anniversary. May the memories of happy times you've known in your first year, Bring a special kind of pleasure when your anniversary's here. May every year ahead be filled with joys beyond compare, As each day brings more happiness for both of you to share. Congratulations. Take a Closer Look

First Year, Greater Happiness
Card says: On your first anniversary. May you find the future holds The finest things there are, And even greater happiness Than you have known so far. Happy anniversary. Take a Closer Look

First Year, Joy will Grow
Card says: On your first anniversary. May every joy and happiness be yours to share today, To make this anniversary just grand in every way. And may it hold the promise too, that through the coming years, Your joy will grow and deepen, each time this day appears. Take a Closer Look

Card says: Nothing. It is blank to allow you to add your own message. Take a Closer Look