Braille Happy Birthday, Family Member Cards

Now comes the fun part! We have 23 Happy Birthday, Family Member cards to pick from, and I'll show them to you now. When you see one that looks good, just click "Take a Closer Look".

Brother, Popular Sister
Card says: Happy birthday, brother. It must be nice to have such an enchanting, personable, and popular sister! Don't let it go to your head! Take a Closer Look

Sister, With Love
Card says: For my sister, with love on your birthday. I may not often talk about how much you mean to me, How very proud I am of you and how dear you'll always be. I hope that you will understand the things I may not say, And know how much I wish you joy, today and every day. Have a wonderful day. Take a Closer Look

Sister, Warm and Kind
Card says: For a special sister. It takes a special sister to somehow always find Ways of showing thoughtfulness, of being warm and kind, Ways of making happy times so much happier by far, It takes a special sister to be loved the way you are. Happy birthday. Take a Closer Look

Sister, Family Joys
Card says: For a dear sister, on her birthday. I was thinking on your birthday of How much you are a part Of happy childhood memories I cherish in my heart, I was thinking how we always shared our treasures and our toys, Our favorite dreams, smiles and tears, a million family joys, And as I fondly reminisce, I'm wishing now for you, A birthday that's as happy as the memories I have of you! Take a Closer Look

Sister, Humorous Remarkable
Card says: You're a truly remarkable sister, You're good-looking, witty, and smart, In fact I'm truly amazed Anybody can tell us apart! Happy birthday. Take a Closer Look

Dad, May be Little
Card says: For Daddy, with love. I may be little, Daddy, But I'm big enough to know, You sure do mean the world to me, And I sure do love you so! Happy birthday. Take a Closer Look

Dad, What's a Dad
Card says: What is a dad? To his family, a dad is special. He's understanding and cheer, a feeling of warmth and security. A dad listens to all the happenings of the day, and sympathizes with all the hurts. He mends everything that's broken, and plans everything that's fun. Thanks for being my dad! Take a Closer Look

Mom, Piggy Back
Card says: Happy birthday Mom, Little Ducky had a Mom to give him a wise quack, Little Piglet had a Mom to take him piggy back. Little bunnies have a mom to teach them when to hop, And little weasels have a Mom to teach them when to pop. Now they all think their moms are swell, and probably it's true, But they haven't met the best mom of all, because they don't know you. Love on your birthday always Take a Closer Look

Mom, Quote
Card says: For you, Mom. "Life's first and greatest blessing is a mother's special love." - Robin St. John. Take a Closer Look

Daughter, Dreams and Plans
Card says: With love on your birthday, daughter. Whatever dreams you're dreaming, may each one of them come true; Whatever plans you're making, may they all work out for you. And may you have the happiness that any words can tell, Not only on your birthday, dear, but all year long as well. Love, and a happy birthday. Take a Closer Look

Daughter, Happy Heart
Card says: A light, happy heart, A bright, happy day. That's what you're wished, Especially today! Happy birthday, my daughter. Take a Closer Look

Husband, Thankful for Love
Card says: For my wonderful husband, I'm grateful for the joys we share, The loving times when you are there, The special ways you show you care, And thankful always for your love. Happy birthday, Dear. Take a Closer Look

Card says: Where do the years go, how quickly they fly, As little ones grow and tell childhood good-bye. The day you were born will always be a great day to remember, But the special person you are today is even MORE reason to celebrate! Happy Birthday. Take a Closer Look

Spouse, Love you So
Card says: Have I told you lately, honey, that I love you very much? Have I mentioned that you give my life a brighter, happier touch? If I haven't, let me tell you that no matter where I go, You're always in my thoughts and dreams, because I love you so. Happy birthday, honey, with lots of love. Take a Closer Look

Spouse, Certain Feeling
Card says: For my sweetheart's birthday. I had a certain feeling, sweetheart, right from the time we met That you'd be someone dear to me, someone I'd never forget. I don't remember what we said, but the words we spoke right then, Left a warm feeling in my heart that comes back again and again. Then as time went by, and friendship grew into love, I knew that in you I'd finally found the one I was dreaming of. Happy birthday, honey. Take a Closer Look

Spouse, Dream
Card says: I have my favorite dreams, and these I like to share, For you're the one who's filled my life with joy beyond compare. You're the one who's loyalty, and gentle, thoughtful way, Have inspired every hope and dream that's dear to me today. And I know that in the future as we plan and dream anew, My heart, and every dream it holds, will belong to only you. Have a wonderful birthday, sweetheart! Take a Closer Look

Spouse, Heart
Card says: For your birthday, a message straight from my ... Thump thump thump thump thump! I love you. Take a Closer Look

Spouse, Smile
Card says: Best wishes on your birthday. Your birthday's a time for good wishes, and this brings the best ones to you, One with the happy remembrance, of all the nice things that you do. And just as I thought of your smile, in memory day after day, So may your birthday joys linger, and brighten the year and the way. Have a wonderful birthday. Take a Closer Look

Spouse, Kisses
Card says: Dear nice, this birthday love is wrapped In your so sweet kisses, And your birthday joy hugs. Thanks for being you. Best wishes for a super happy day. Take a Closer Look

Brother-in-Law, Good Wishes
Card says: For a fine brother-in-law, It's a pleasure to send good wishes To someone as special as you! Happy birthday, happiness always. Take a Closer Look

Granddaughter, Very Few
Card says: For a sweet granddaughter, on your birthday. Many people have granddaughters, And very nice ones, too. But very few have granddaughters Who are as sweet as you! Have a wonderful day, dear. Take a Closer Look

Grandson, The Best
Card says: Thinking of you, Grandson, And wishing you the best Not for this day only, But also for the rest! With fond wishes on your birthday. Take a Closer Look

Son-in-Law, Happy Day
Card says: For a special son-in-law. It's more than just one happy day that I wish for you, This brings a wish for happiness to last the whole year through! And that means all the finest things, and all the joy and cheer That possibly can happen in an extra-special year. Have a wonderful birthday. Take a Closer Look

Card says: Nothing. It is blank to allow you to add your own message. Take a Closer Look