Product Directions

Directions for theHandheld Braille Labeler From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Getting Started. Place your new labeler on a table in front of you, with the wheel facing away from you.

To load the unit with tape, first lift the compartment door. To do this, hold the front of the handle with your right hand, near the bottom. Then slide your left thumb into the depression near the top of the edge facing you, and push upwards. This will open a plastic door about five inches long.

Next, drop a roll of labeling tape into the compartment. Make sure the leading end of the tape is on top and facing away from you, towards the wheel on the labeler. Feed a few inches of the tape through the tape slot, located about an inch past the indented spot in the compartment. Close the compartment door.

Regular Operation. To use the labeler, pick it up with your right hand. Allow your fingers to rest on the trigger of the unit. Spin the wheel with your left hand, and line up the Braille character you would like to write on the tape with the indented rectangle found just past the hinge for the tape compartment discussed earlier. Squeeze the handle to emboss that character on the tape. (You won't have to squeeze very hard.) To do a space, simply squeeze the handle lightly - regardless of what letter you're lined up on. And to produce numbers, just select the number sign # (found directly to the left of the Cut rectangle on the wheel, then use the letters A through J to represent the numbers 1 through 0.

When the label is finished, spin the dial to the cut mark (a raised rectangle on the wheel - found just to the left of the letter A) and squeeze the trigger. Pull off the tape, then lightly press the handle three or four times to advance the tape, ready for your next label. Finally, peel off the backing, using the easy-pull tab made by the labeler, and stick it on the item you'd like to label.

That's it - happy labeling!

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