Braille Easter, Family Cards

Now comes the fun part! We have 11 Easter, Family cards to pick from, and I'll show them to you now. When you see one that looks good, just click "Take a Closer Look".

Sweetheart, All my Love
Card says: All my love is yours, because as you might guess, The things we do together bring my greatest happiness. Your sweet ways are the dearest ... I love the things you say, And little memories of you go with me every day. So naturally, at Eastertime, it's you I'm thinking of, And I'm wishing happiness, Sweetheart, for you with ... all my love! Take a Closer Look

Sweetheart, Never Part
Card says: With love, Sweetheart, at Easter. I'd like to make three wishes, sweetheart, and have them all come true-- The first one is an Easter wish, for happiness for you. And then, there is another wish that life will always be, As wonderful and good to you as you have been to me. The third wish is a special one, that we will never part, And that you'll always share with me the love that's in your heart. With all my love, always. Take a Closer Look

Husband, Being Your Wife
Card says: For my husband. Nothing means more than the warmth of us sharing, Filling each day with laughter and caring. Nothing means more than the gift of your love, Lighting my world like the sunshine above, For you are my Springtime and the joy of my life. And nothing means more than being your wife! Happy Easter, Dear. Take a Closer Look

Husband, Loving You
Card says: To a wonderful husband at Easter. In loving you I've come to know how wonderful love can be, In loving you I've found the things that mean the most to me. In loving you I've realized you're part of all I do, And nothing, Dear, can match the joy I've found in loving you! Take a Closer Look

Daughter and Husband, Special Pair
Card says: For daughter and her husband This card is sent with love that's meant For both of you to share, And to tell you two, the two of you, Make a very special pair. Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happiness always! Take a Closer Look

Sister and Family, Dear as Can Be
Card says: An Easter wish for sister and her family. Easter wouldn't be complete, without a special card to greet A sister and her family, who are as dear as they can be. So here's a wish and, with it, too, is lots of love for you! Happy Easter! Happiness always! Take a Closer Look

Baby, First Easter
Card says: It's your first Easter! Baby, just because you're here, Easter's much more fun this year. So with lots of love this comes to say, Hope you have fun this Easter day. Happy first Easter! Take a Closer Look

Daddy, Nice and Fun
Card says: To my Daddy at Eastertime. Daddys are nice and Daddys are fun-- They do nice things for everyone. Daddys are loved a whole lot, too-- Especially Daddys just like you! Happy Easter! Take a Closer Look

Mommy, Very Best
Card says: For my Mommy. My Mommy sure is wonderful, She's loved a whole lot, too, My mommy is the very best Because my Mommy's you! Happy Easter, with love. Take a Closer Look

Son, Still Greater
Card says: For a fine son. A loving wish for a special son, Who's great in every way, And seems to grow still greater, With every single day! Happy Easter, with love. Take a Closer Look

Granddaughter, Sweeter
Card says: for you, granddaughter, at Easter. You're always thought about with love, In case you didn't know it. For you keep on growing sweeter, And you just can't help but show it! Happy Easter, happy Spring. Take a Closer Look

Card says: Nothing. It is blank to allow you to add your own message. Take a Closer Look