Braille Demo Sheets

Fun, Educational Hand-Outs in Print and Braille

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Well, what would you like your Braille Demo Sheets to talk about?
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Product Features

Hand-outs present both print and Braille paragraphs.
Learn about how Braille works, Louis Braille, or Helen Keller.
Use on a poster or as class hand-outs.
Package contains identical sheets so everyone can learn together.

Product Description:

OK ... Your child's doing a school project on Braille or Helen Keller, and you need something cool to glue on a poster or hand out to each student. Well - what could be better than our Braille Demo Sheets?

First of all, we've got sheets telling you how blind people read Braille, as well as quick biographies of Louis Braille and Helen Keller; so whatever your project's on, we've got the info you'll need. And better yet, each sheet has a couple paragraphs printed at the top - and then the same text in Braille below that. So while kids are reading a brief yet concise summary of your topic, they'll be able to see firsthand how a blind person would read that same info by touch.

Without a doubt, this is your best bet if you're making a poster or looking for something to put up on the board. And, of course, these sheets are great hand-out items - kids will actually read them and show them to their friends because of the Braille at the bottom.

Measures about 11 in. by 8-1/2 in.

Package Weight: about 8.8 ounces.

(From the Braille Handouts shelf.)

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