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Braille Alphabet Chart

Large Poster for Learning or Showing Braille
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Product Features

  • High quality thick, laminated poster Measures 24" by 36" Large print letters are easy to see at a distance.
  • Excellent tool for the sighted to learn Braille.
  • The Braille dot configuration is given below each print letter.
  • A must-have for anyone curious about learning Braille! Measures about 36 in by 24 in.
  • Package Weight: about 2.9 ounces.

Product Description

So you're a teacher who'd like to tack a chart of the Braille alphabet up at the front of the room so all your students can see it? Or perhaps you or a family member is trying to learn Braille, but the only way you seem to grasp new things is by staring at a poster up on your bedroom wall as you fall asleep, or by occasionally glancing at one stuck to the fridge while you cook dinner? Well, you're all in luck - our large, 24" X 36" Braille Alphabet Charts are now shipping.

Each letter of the alphabet appears in very large type, perfect for seeing at quite a distance. And below each print letter, the dots that make up each Braille letter are also shown. (Of course, since this chart is designed to help people with sight learn Braille, the Braille characters themselves are not actually raised.)

So put one of our Braille alphabet posters up in your school, home or office, and let everyone know just how important this system of dots really is!

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