Product Directions

Directions for theAtomic Talking Clock From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Your new clock takes only 2 AA batteries. Insert them into the base of the unit, then turn it upright and set it down with the large round screen facing you.

Press the Talk button, located on the top of the clock, to hear the time. Press Talk twice to hear the date.

There is a Select button on the front of the clock, right below the screen. The left circle is Minus, and the right circle with the raised arrow is Plus. Press Select twice to enter Alarm set, then use Plus and Minus to select the desired time. Press Talk when finished.

There is a switch on the right-hand side, called Mode. The top position turns the alarm on, and the bottom turns hourly-report on. Both of these features are off when Mode is in the middle position.

There is a volume switch on the left-hand side of an indented oval on the rear of the clock. The top position is high volume, and the bottom position is for low volume.

To the right of the Volume switch is the small Set button. Press and hold until the clock beeps twice and announces, "Setting Year." Use Plus and Minus to select the current year, then hit Set again. Repeat this procedure to set the date, time zone, and time.

Note: Unless you are out of range of the atomic time-setting broadcast station, you should only need to use the above steps to select your local time zone.

Happy time-telling!

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