Wooden Shape Sorter

Compare Shapes and Sizes - and Learn to Count

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Product Features

Tactile design enhances learning for blind and sighted children alike.
Made of solid natural wood; completely free of toxic paint.
Great for in the home, at a preschool, or on a long car trip.
Excellent for developing fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and tactile shape recognition.

Product Description:

Have you ever heard the term "pocket-sized scientist"? Well, don't you think it would describe your bouncy, curious toddler absolutely perfectly? But now, instead of your little one having to pull out all the pots and pans to count and stack, here is a stimulating shape-sorting set designed exclusively for young, inquiring minds.

As you've probably come to expect, every piece in this quality educational toy is made of solid natural wood, completely free of toxic paint. By playing with and manipulating the various pieces in this set, your toddler will pick up all sorts of important concepts, such as what common geometric shapes look and feel like, how to sort like-minded blocks in order of size and height, and learn to count to figure out which pieces go where. Great for in the home, at a preschool, or on a long car trip, our tactile shape sorter is excellent for developing fine motor skills, manual dexterity, and tactile shape recognition.

This shape sorter's creative design requires counting skills and increased manual dexterity. In the Count 'n' Stack set, there are four main shapes: circle, rectangle, triangle, and square. There are four of each type of block, and each shape is the same size. The idea behind this more advanced educational toy is that, instead of having ready-made holes in the board, there are just pegs for each shape to stack onto. The circle blocks have just one hole in the very center, the rectangles have one hole at each end, and the triangles and squares have three and four holes respectively - again, one in each corner. So, to find out where to put a rectangle, you first count how many holes are in the block - two. Then look for the area on the board that has two tall pegs - then fit the rectangle onto both of those pegs - and when you've got it positioned properly, the pegs will poke through the holes in the rectangular block, and it will literally just fall into place. And once you have all sixteen blocks stacked back onto the board in four neat and tidy piles of four, the game is over!

Measures about 6 in. by 6 in. by 2-1/4 in.

Package Weight: about 15.5 ounces.

(From the Toy Department shelf.)

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