Wooden Shape Set

16-Piece Basic Geometric Shape Set - Made of Wood

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Product Features

All-wood, compact, educational and affordable.
Sturdy, fabric zippered storage bag measures 5" long, 3-1/2" wide, and 1" thick.
6 wooden 3D shapes: cubes, cylinders, cones and triangular prisms.
4 sizes of each shape, from 1" to 1/2" tall.
Order shapes in like pairs and by size; master 2D and 3D shape concepts; use as "visual examples" when finding surface area, volume, numbers of corners, edges, vertices, etc.
Great tactile learning tool for building on fundamental geometric concepts.

Product Description:

It's hard to assign this small, compact and affordable set of basic wooden geometric shapes a recommended age level, primarily because the use of the set can be incorporated into so many different math classes for varying ages. Packed neatly into a sturdy, fabric zippered bag are sixteen wooden three-dimensional shapes: cubes, cylinders, cones and triangular prisms. There are four different sizes of each main shape - ranging in height from over an inch tall to just over half an inch in height. Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy feeling, tactually tracing, and ordering the shapes in like-minded pairs and by size; primary school students can use the shapes to master 2D and 3D shape concepts alike; and older students can use them as "visual examples" when working out more complex geometrical problems, including finding surface area, cubic area, numbers of corners, edges, vertices, etc.

This set of wooden shaped blocks truly is a great math learning tool, and makes explaining and building upon fundamental geometric concepts a breeze for blind and sighted students alike. And because the bag measures only five inches long, three-and-a-half inches wide, and little more than an inch thick, it's a very portable teaching tool indeed!

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