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6" Audible Rubber Ball, Great for Dodge Ball, Etc.

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Product Features

Small and light, perfect for one-year-old's to hang onto.
Features a marble securely held inside so everyone will hear where the ball is.
Measures 6" in diameter.
The perfect audible rubber ball for countless games.

Product Description:

Here's a ball no one should be without. Our Toy Ball is just like those basic rubber balls you find in supermarkets across the country ... with one huge exception. Ours has a marble securely held inside, so everyone will know where the ball is.

It's small and light, perfect for one-year-old's to hang onto, and toddlers will enjoy passing the ball back and forth with a parent or sibbling. Older kids enjoy batting the ball around in the pool, and it's ideal for group games like "Dodge Ball" or 'Monkey in the Middle." Best of all, no matter who's playing with it, the marble inside makes an audible rattling noise whenever the ball moves. Yes, there's hours of fun here for any child ... to play any informal game you like.

Measures about 6 in. in diameter

Package Weight: about 3.2 ounces.

(From the Toy Department shelf.)

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