Talking UFO Recorder

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Use Your Voice to Retrieve Recorded Information

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Larger picture of our Talking UFO Recorder - If you don't hear any sound, click here Read the Instruction Sheet

Product Features

Voice-activated recording memo plays the message you ask for.
Speaker dependent recognition provides the best accuracy.
Stores up to 60 messages in four folders.
12 seconds voice recording for each message.
Easy to add and delete messages by following the voice prompts.

Product Description:

The easiest way to hear your information ever! This tiny UFO-shaped device is as futuristic as it looks ... and it offers some of the best speech recognition you've ever seen!

This small recording disc can hold up to sixty different messages, each one having a maximum length of twelve seconds. Thankfully, all those recordings are separated into four folders, numbered 1 through 4. That way, it's easy to keep things organized. You might use Folder 1 for a phone book, Folder 2 for appointments, Folder 3 for to-do lists, and the fourth for notes and memos. Then, when it's time to call Henry, simply select Folder 1, hit Talk, and say Henry. The UFO will immediately speak his phone number to you! Sophisticated, yes. Complicated, absolutely not!

Before we go any further, every feature of this unit is spoken aloud. There isn't even a display screen on the UFO - all you need to do is listen to the pleasant female voice. When you turn it on, she will remember which folder you were in last, and remind you so you don't forget. The two buttons on the right are used to select different folders and scroll through the messages in that folder. The buttons on the left are Record and Power. And the large circular button is Talk.

To use, first hold down the Power button until the UFO says "Folder 1" for example. Press Record, and give your message a subject. "Jill's Phone Number." "Shopping List." "Doctor's Appointment." She may ask you for the subject twice, just to make sure she heard it correctly. Then, when prompted, speak the information and hit the Talk button. "Completed," is immediately heard. Your memo has now been saved, and can be retrieved simply by speaking its subject.

Because of the multiple folders, this tiny voice memo can be several things at once, ranging from a Voice Phone Book to a palm-sized organizer. Speaker dependent recognition provides the best accuracy, so it almost never makes a mistake finding the right memo for you. Finally, it's easy to add and delete subjects by following the voice prompts.

Impress your friends with this One-of-a-kind, Inexpensive, High-tech item, and stay organized at the same time. Measuring less than two inches in diameter, it's ultra compact and easy to carry around. It sure is a good thing this talking recorder comes complete with a spring-loaded keychain, because you'll never want to be caught without it again. Takes 3 AG13 button-cell batteries, which are installed and ready to go.

Measures about 2 in. by 3/4 in.

Package Weight: about 2.1 ounces.

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