Product Directions

Directions for theTalking Pedometer Clock From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Place your new pedometer on a table in front of you, with the clip facing down, and the three raised buttons on your right.

You will find one raised button on the left of the unit. This is the Talk button, and when pressed, will announce how many steps you have taken and the approximate distance.

The indented button below Talk is the Clear button. Press this to reset the unit back to 0.

The three buttons on the right of the unit are, from front to back: Mode, Hour, and Minute.

To set the time, press Mode until "Time Set" is heard. Press Hour and Minute until the correct time is reached.

Press Mode, listen for "Alarm Set," and repeat the above procedure to set the alarm.

A third press of the Mode button allows you to "Set up Step Length." You should set this to your usual stride so the calculated distance is as accurate as possible by using the Hour and Minute buttons.

Press Mode one final time. Four quick beeps are heard to indicate you're back in regular operation.

Now, you may press Hour to turn the alarm on. To turn the alarm off, press Hour and the unit will announce "Alarm Off."

It is not necessary to unscrew anything to change the batteries. If you have the pedometer situated as per the instructions, there will be a tab on the bottom that you can catch with a fingernail. It is directly below the belt clip. Gently pull this tab toward you, and a little drawer will slide out with the CR2025 battery resting on it.

Happy jogging!

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