Stand Magnifiers

A practical and useful addition to the desk of any visually impaired person is one kind or another of a stand magnifier. Once you find a model that's right for you, you can comfortably work for long periods of time, hands-free, while your magnifier sits faithfully in place. Most of these magnifiers are fully-adjustable, meaning you can position the lens and/or light just so, then turn page after page (or work on whatever else you typically do at home, work or play) while benefiting from premium magnification.

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- Folding Stand Magnifier, Classic
2X, 4D: Thick Glass Lens, Folds Up for Safe Travel
Item Number: 6026
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- Folding Stand Magnifier, Strong
5X, 2D: Small Size - With Crystal-Clear Glass Lens
Item Number: 6027
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- Lighted Helping Hands Magnifier
2X, 2.5D, All-Metal Construction, Free Standing
Item Number: 6028
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