Shopping Guides

There are a few questions we are asked all the time, so we've written Shopping Guides for the most common scenarios. These guides will give you ideas on which products we carry for a particular purpose or situation.

Great question. Helping folks learn Braille is one of the things we're best at - you certainly came to the right place.

The absolute most popular product we carry for this purpose is the "Braille for the Sighted" package. This print booklet will teach you the basics of Braille, how the letters and numbers are made, and so on. Best of all, it comes with a Braille companion book, so you can practice doing the exercises and puzzles in actual Braille whenever you like. Well worth the $19.95 price tag.

An excellent product to reinforce what you're learning is the Braille Flash Cards. Costing only $13.95, this invaluable set of over 100 cards has each Braille letter, number, or punctuation mark on a separate card, featuring both raised print and embossed Braille. There are even a few words and phraises to practice with.

Finally, the Braille Alphabet Tray is an excellent quick-reference to always have with you to insure you don't forget a particular letter or number. This hard-plastic tray has raised Braille and large debossed print lettering, and is only $9.95.

These and many more learning Braille products can be found on our website. Just click on the Braille Workshop, then ABC's of Braille.

Hope this helps. All the best on the Braille Trail!

What you need then are tactile games - board games that can be played by touch, without sight, without needing to read Braille. Don't worry, we have quite a few.

If your friend wants something to do when he's by himself, we have a whole line of hand-crafted wooden Brain Teasers. These range from simple Tangrams and Solitaire Board Games to very difficult puzzles such as the Snake Cube or Diamond Cube. Most if not all are under $10, so there's lots to choose from without breaking the bank.

Now, if she has someone else to play games with, we also have lots to choose from. Tactile Chess and Checkers are sold for $20, Raised-Dot Dominoes start at only $10, a deluxe Backgammon set for $30, and pocket favorites include Nine Men's Morris and Othello.

Lastly, if he would like to play games with the kids, we have quite a selection for the whole family. Snakes and Ladders, Tic-Tac-Toe, Racing Crown, and Connect-Four are just a few of the kid-playable board games we carry, all for everyday low prices!

You can find all these and more on our website. Just click on Toys and Games, then pick a sub-department of interest.

We hope this helps. Happy shopping - and happy playing!

Thanks so much for the question. We hear of this kind of thing often - and thankfully have many products to help.

We carry two types of large-print, high-contrast playing cards - the EZ See and the Marinof. You can find both on our website by clicking on Toys and Games, then Card Games and Accessaries.

Talking clocks and watches are always really important. You can find a huge selection of these by clicking on the Timekeeping category.

We also carry a large selection of Brain Teasers - wooden games she can amuse herself with if she's lonely or bored. You can find these under the Toys and Games category.

If she has other people to play games with, either the tactile dominos (under Dominoes and Dice) or the tactile Chess or Checkers set (under Board Games) could be a really good option.

Hopefully some of this is helpful.