Rattle Ball

3", Hard-Plastic Ball - A Hit with Young Children
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Product Features

  • Perfect design for pushing and rolling around the floor.
  • Great audible rattle ball; easy to find when in motion.
  • Blind kids will have loads of fun playing all sorts of ball games with their friends.
  • Can be used as a mini baseball as kids get older.
  • Ideal for young children, blind or sighted.
  • Measures about 3 in in diameter.
  • Package Weight: about 3.2 ounces.

Product Description

Play ball!

Here's a sturdy, hard-plastic ball that rattles constantly while it's moving. Measuring 3" in diameter, our Rattle Ball is perfect for pushing and rolling around the floor with young children. It could also be used as a mini baseball as kids get older.

Due to this ball's hard-plastic design, the loud rattling noise it makes while in motion is perhaps the most distinctive and easily heard of any of our audible balls. This makes it an ideal choice for even young children (blind or sighted), as it's a good "first ball" to use to introduce youngsters to keeping track of a ball by sound. Just remember the obvious: since this is a hard ball, it simply shines when rolling on the floor, but is meant to be only rolled inside - never thrown or kicked!

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