Raised-Line Marking Paint

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Mark Household Items with Raised Lines and Shapes

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Product Description:

F: Readily make raised lines, shapes, maps or drawings.
Dries in just 4 hours; can wash clothing after 72 hours.
Make raised, 3D, shiny-smooth lines that can be easily felt by touch.
Use color contrast for additional clarity.
All-purpose; easy to apply and extremely durable.
Unscrew top from bottle; squeeze paint onto material being marked.
Bottle nozzle has a fine point, good for accurate marking.
Bonds to clothing, paper, metals, and hard plastics.
Excellent for labeling and a fantastic teaching aid.

This is one all-purpose product! Whether you need to mark the dial on an oven or washing machine, tell the sugar container apart from the flour, find the set-point on your thermostat, or draw a tactile map, Marking Paint is here to help! Easy to apply and extremely durable, this special paint dries within hours of application, making raised, 3D, shiny-smooth lines that can be easily felt by touch.

To use, simply unscrew the top from the bottle, and squeeze the paint directly onto the material being marked. The bottle nozzle has a fine point, which is good for accurate marking. After just four hours, the line, shape or drawing is dry enough to be felt with the fingers. If you're marking clothes, they can be machine-washed after 72 hours.

This is one of the only solutions that allows blind people to tell several different dial positions or food containers apart, if they don't know Braille. You can use different lengths of line to indicate different temperatures, symbols for different spices, and draw letters on clothing to specify colors. You can even mark keyboards, telephone keys, and Microwave and oven pressure pads.

Marking Paint is applied as easily as regular paint, but it rapidly sets hard and leaves raised lines. It's excellent for marking everything from appliances to clothing, but also works as a teaching aid for writing jumbo letters, drawing pictures, and even outlining maps. It bonds to clothing, paper, metals, and hard plastics, but does not stick to flexible plastic.

This is an economy pack of three 0.7-ounce bottles (yellow, blue and red).

Package Weight: about 2.1 ounces.

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