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Marvel Math

Teach and Reinforce Math Skills with Fun E-Tests
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Product Features

  • Revolutionizes the concept of learning math, making it fun and easy.
  • Number one way to help students acquire a sound understanding of mathematics.
  • Loaded with easy-to-use test-creation and record-keeping functions.
  • Enrich E-tests you create with positive audio and visual feedback.
  • Feedback given by children's voices and animated characters.
  • Uses pre-recorded human speech to narrate every area of the program, employing synthetic speech only where necessary.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10.
  • Package Weight: about 1.8 ounces.

Product Description

Marvel Math, Standard Edition

This Marvelous program is the number one way to help students acquire a sound understanding of mathematics. With Marvel Math, our approach is to enrich E-tests you create with multi-media, providing plenty of audio and visual feedback every step of the way. Young learners will respond especially well to eight-year-old Carefree Cary, and five-year-old Jolly Janna, who can provide audio feedback in place of adults Eager Eddie or Clever Karen. In this way, Marvel Math truly brings to life any regular printed test.

But don't be fooled for an instant, the benefits of using Marvel Math don't just extend to your students. The program is loaded with easy-to-use test-creation and record-keeping functions, allowing you to take full advantage of the program's powerful features. Go ahead and let Marvel Math take care of the every-day tasks of grading papers and filling out report cards, so you can focus on what you do best: teaching!

Features Include:
Easily convert an entire printed test or math book page into an electronic test that will truly come to life for your students.
Support for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (with or without remainders), and exponents. Even create questions with or without decimals.
Quickly enter a list of equations into a test, which students can solve at their own pace.
You can also present word problems with just a few keystrokes.
Add directions to your tests to provide your students with instructions, tips, and encouragement as they proceed through the test.
Even randomize the tests you create, so they're different each time.
Or, simply have the program generate the problems for you with your specifications in mind. Define whether you want addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and/or exponents. Specify whether you want decimals, and, if so, how many decimal places. You can even tell the program how large the question and resulting answer should be.
Marvel Math uses pre-recorded human speech to narrate every area of the program (including equations), employing synthetic speech only where necessary (to read the student's name and any directions and word problems you enter).
And last but not least, one of several animated characters will always be there to keep students smiling as they work. They'll also thoroughly enjoy receiving constant audio feedback from kids their own age.

With Marvel Math, we revolutionize the concept of learning math, making it fun and easy! We at MarvelSoft feel sure that you will enjoy setting up the program, and that your students will thoroughly enjoy using it. In a nutshell, Marvel Math is math made fun!

Note: this version of Marvel Math is licensed for use on one PC only. If you're an individual wanting to use the program, or if you're an educator who will be running the product on a single computer, this version of the program is just for you. On the other hand, if you need to use Marvel Math in a lab or classroom setting (where it will be installed on more than one computer), please skim down for more info on Marvel Math Pro. Thank you.

System Requirements
To run the program, you'll need:
a PC (at least 90 megahertz) running Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, 98, 95, or NT (Service Pack 4),
16 megabytes of RAM,
a 16-bit Sound card and speakers (or headphones),
a CD-ROM drive,
and Internet Explorer 4.01 or later (just for components).

In the case of a professional, network-wide install, you'll need:
420 megabytes of available disc space on the server computer,
and 20 megabytes of available disc space on each client machine.
In addition, your network administrator must assign Read/Write/Modify privileges to all users for the Program Files`MarvelSoft folder on the server machine.

Note, talking software cannot be sent via Free Matter for the Blind. The ground shipping costs $5, and is included in this price.

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