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Magnetic Can Labels

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5 Feet of Reusable Rubber Tape for Cans of Food
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Product Features

  • Labels can be embossed using a Perkins Brailler, Labeling Slate, or Braille Labeler.
  • Magnetic labels stick to cans without the need for an adhesive.
  • Labels are reusable; simply transfer from one can to the next.
  • Tape is plastic-faced for long-lasting Braille.
  • Labels measure 1/2 inch wide; easy and fast to use.
  • Roll measures 1/2" (1.3 CM) wide, and 5 feet (1-1/2 meters) long.
  • Measures about 60 in by 1/2 in.
  • Package Weight: about 2.1 ounces.

Product Description

The impossible task of keeping the mushroom soup separate from the chicken noodle is now solved! Simply Braille the kind of soup on this magnetic tape. Cut to size with a pair of scissors, and slap it on your can. Then, when you use that can of soup, just move the label to an unopened can - perhaps the can behind it, if you have your cans sorted into rows. You'll never wonder what you're opening again!

This tape can be embossed by both a Perkins Brailler, especially if you have a Labeling Tape Holder to go with it. But if you don't have any of that rather pricey stuff, you can just use a slate and stylus with firm pressure (our Labeling Tape Slate works especially well). This tape sticks to your cans magnetically, so the adhesive never wears out - you can move it from can to can to your heart's content.

These plastic-faced labels contain a magnetic rubber strip, and are ideal for labeling cans of food in Braille. They do not stick to metal with an aluminum content (such as soft drink cans), however. Roll measures 1/2 inches (1.3 CM) wide, and is 5 feet (1-1/2 meters) long.

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