Loupe Magnifiers

A loupe is simply a special type of magnifier, typically designed for high-powered magnification. It has a small lens designed to be put right up to the eye, and can sometimes be attached to a pair of glasses. Loupes are commonly used by jewelers to examine expensive gems, electricians to repair complex circuitry, and so on. But the less powerful ones are also helpful for reading and other regular activities. Our pocket-sized loupes in particular are so small that it's practical to stick one into your pocket or purse, and pull it out for quick sneak-peeks now and again.

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- Folding Pocket Loupe
4X, 2.5D: Double Lenses - Heavy-Duty Construction
Item Number: 1199
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- Deluxe Jeweler's Loupe
10X or 20X, 0.75D or 0.5D: Two Powerful Lenses
Item Number: 1201
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