Large Print Keyboard Stickers

Bold Print Overlays Make those Keys Easier to See

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Product Features

Package includes peel-and-stick labels for every key on your keyboard.
Stickers are printed with jumbo type (bold black text on a white background).
Turn off computer, wipe keys with dry cloth, dry, firmly press stickers onto keys.

Product Description:

We've all heard that age-old pearl of wisdom: "Don't look at the keys while typing!" But how many of us can honestly say we never, ever do? Even if just for a quick peek now and then ...

If the small lettering on your computer keyboard has gotten too hard to comfortably see, here's the solution you've been looking for. This package includes peel-and-stick labels for every key on your keyboard, including letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and system keys. Of course, the stickers are printed with jumbo type (bold black text on a white background), so, once applied, it'll be a whole lot easier for visually impaired folks to tell the various keys apart!

Note: adhering these stickers to your keyboard will only take a few minutes. For best results, we recommend you first turn off the computer, so you can press each sticker firmly into place - without sending your machine into orbit! Wiping the keys with a slightly-damp cloth, then drying thoroughly before applying the stickers will ensure they stay put for a long, long time.

Package Weight: about 0.2 ounces.

(From the Marking and Labeling shelf.)

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