Keychain Magnifier

5X, 1D: Really Handy Model, Fits Right on Keychain

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Product Features

Use ultra-portable magnifier for seeing keyholes or examining coins, stamps, or any object with small print.
5X, 1D, fits on keychain.
Comes in assorted colors.

Product Description:

Okay, here's a pretty cool one. How many people do you know who don't carry a set of keys around with them? Exactly - very, very few. That's why this cute little unit makes such a great addition to anyone's on-hand collection of magnifiers.

This small magnifier has an amazingly powerful 5X power, and the lens measures 28 mm in diameter (just over an inch across). The lens is both clear and lightweight, and will fit right onto any keychain. Aside from the obvious (in helping you see tiny keyholes), this ultra-portable magnifier is also great for examining coins, stamps, or any other object with small print.

These little magnifiers come in assorted colors - so go ahead, grab a few for yourself and a couple friends!

Package Weight: about 0.4 ounces.

(From the Pocket Magnifiers shelf.)

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