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Free Matter Stamp

Self-Inking Stamp for Mailing Braille and Tapes
Item Number: 1074

Price: $14.95 Shipping: FREE From our Distribution Center

Product Features

  • Used for mailing appropriate materials for the blind free of charge.
  • Self-inking rubber stamp.
  • As easy as sticking on a regular postal stamp.
  • Crisp, clear blue ink; gives thousands of impressions per refill.
  • Place stamp on top-right corner of package (with indented part of stamp facing away from you) and press down.
  • Measures about 2-1/2 in by 1-1/2 in by 1 in.

Product Description

Did you know that you can send Braille and recorded material for the blind free of charge? Well, you can - through the Free Matter for the Blind mailing privilege, offered by post offices worldwide. Books, magazines, letters, recipes - anything that's printed in Braille or recorded on audio tapes can be mailed anywhere in the world free of charge with the FREE MATTER service.

This self-inking rubber stamp will make it a snap for you to prepare Free Matter packages for mailing. Just position the stamp at the top-right corner of your envelope or package, with the indented part of the stamp facing away from you, and press down. Every bit as easy as sticking on a regular postage stamp, you'll instantly have a professional-looking two-line postmark saying FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND in crisp, clear blue ink. What's more, the stamp is good for literally thousands of impressions before you have to refill the ink - which means you'll be able to ship an awful lot of Braille letters and Free Matter packages before your stamp needs any attention whatsoever!

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