Deluxe Talking Watch

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High-End and Stylish, with Sturdy Metal Band
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Time Setting

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If you like, we can set the time on your new watch to the timezone of your choice. This service costs $5.00.

Time Setting:

Remember, this item is not in stock right now, but you're welcome to pre-order it. The item should be in stock in Late December, and we'll send you an Email when it's ready to ship.

Product Features

  • Color: Silver, with burnished silver band.
  • Staneless-steel construction.
  • Can speak the current date.
  • Has built-in stopwatch.
  • Can announce time every hour.
  • 4 daily alarms.
  • Spoken instructions guide you through every setting and feature.
  • Silver watch with burnished silver metal band.
  • Durable, comfortable, water-resistant digital watch with fully adjustable band.
  • Buttons are located on the rim of the watch.
  • Features crystal-clear female voice.
  • Adjustable metal band with buckle for a perfect fit.
  • Runs on one CR2016 button-cell battery (included).
  • Measures about 2 in by 1-1/2 in by 1/2 in.
  • Package Weight: about 8.5 ounces.

Product Description

Here's a top-of-the-line, heavyweight, and durable mens talking watch - on which you won't find a trace of cheap plastic ... anywhere! The features on this stunning digital chronograph watch include four alarms for use as daily reminders, crystal-clear speech, a talking stopwatch, hourly chime, and a date-announce function. It even has a metal band that adjusts and buckles around your wrist, insuring a perfect, comfortable fit.

Packed in an elegant clamshell storage case and presented in a colorful gift box, this men's talking watch would make a wonderful gift for any guy ... even yourself! Designed to be enjoyed, made to last, this comfortable, water-resistant watch is easy to set, even by a blind person. The buttons are conveniently located on the rim of the watch, and the body is made of genuine staneless steel. Complete with a durable, fully-adjustable metal band and attractive new look and style, this watch is sure to be a useful keepsake for many years. (Runs on one CR2016 button-cell battery, which is included - naturally.)

Product Directions

Directions for the Deluxe Talking Watch From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Place the watch on a table in front of you, with the large clip on the left.

Top-left: Talk
Top-right: Set
Bottom-left: Mode
Bottom-right: Change

Regular Operation

Press Talk to hear the time.

Press Set to hear the date. Hold down set after hearing the date to enter the Set menu, or press Set again to return to normal mode.

Press Mode once to enter the stopwatch. Here, Talk speaks the time elapsed, Set clears the stopwatch, Change starts and pauses the timer, and Mode returns the watch to normal mode.

Press Mode more than once to check or set one of the four alarms. Here, you can press Talk to hear what the alarm is set for, hold down Set to enter the set menu, or press Change to turn the alarm on and off. Press Mode again to move to the next alarm. After alarm 4, pressing Mode will return the watch to normal mode.

Press Change to toggle Hourly Report on and off.

The Set Menu

Press Talk to hear what the current value is set for, for example 3 o'clock PM.

Press Set to move to the next value to set, such as from hour to minute.

Press Change to change the value, such as from 3 o'clock to 4 o'clock.

Mode exits the Set Menu.

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