Product Directions

Directions for theDeluxe Talking Clock From Future Aids, The Braille Superstore.

Your new four-alarm clock has a long skinny button on the top, which you can press to hear the time. Directly behind and slightly below this button is a switch and 3 smaller buttons. From left to right, the switch is Alarm, and the buttons are Set, Change, and Mode. When the Alarm switch is in the right-hand position, all alarms are on.

To hear the current date, just tap the Set button.

To set the clock, press and hold the Set button. The unit will announce "Time Set, Hour set." Press Change to set the Hour, then press Set to enter minute adjustment. Repeat the process to select the current year, month, and day. Press Mode when you are finished.

To use the Stopwatch, press Mode once, then press Change to start it. Press Change to pause and resume. Once paused, you may press Set to clear it.

To set the four different alarms, press the Mode button until you hear the alarm number (1 through 4) you wish to set. Then repeat the process for setting the time.

The final control on the clock is the volume switch, located on the back-right side of the clock. Flick this switch up to increase the volume of the voice.

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