Braille Novelties

Excellent gift ideas like mugs, wristbands, keychains, and pocket tokens ... all with Braille on them! You'll also find Chocolate Molds, Bookmarks, Magnets, and more.

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- Kids Braille Wristband
Cool Silicone Bracelet, Small Size for Kids
Item Number: 1216
Available Messages: Best Friends, COOL, God Loves You, I Feel Lucky, No Doubt, Social Butterfly, Braille is Cool, Alphabet, or the Entire Set (for $9.95)
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- Large Braille Wristband
Popular Silicone Bracelet, for Youths and Adults
Item Number: 1217
Available Messages: Believe, Dream, Friendship, Jesus is the Light, Make a Difference, One World, Braille is Best, Alphabet, or the Entire Set (for $9.95)
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- Braille Keychain
Sturdy Metal Keychain with Braille and Print Word
Item Number: 1218
Available Words: Love, Live, Peace, Hope, Faith, Jesus, or the Entire Set (for $24.95)
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- Braille Pocket Token
Unique Coin with Raised Picture and Braille Word
Item Number: 1219
Available Words: Friend, Love, Faith, Lord, or the Entire Set (for $6.95)
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- Braille Letter Opener
Adorible, Cat-Shaped Handle, Saying Keep in Touch
Item Number: 6052
Available Styles: Keep in Touch, or Best Friend
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- Braille Chocolate Mold
Make Your Own Braille Chocolate Cards
Item Number: 1220
Available Messages: Happy Birthday and Love You, Have a Nice Day and Thank You, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, or the Entire Set (for $12.95)
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- Braille Fridge Magnet, Ten-Count
Jazz up Your Fridge with this Card-Sized Magnet
Item Number: 1221
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- Personalized Braille Magnet, Ten-Count
Put Anything You Want on this Attractive Magnet
Item Number: 1222
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- Braille Bookmark, 10-Count
Sturdy Plastic Bookmark, You Choose the Message
Item Number: 1223
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- Personalized Braille Bookmark, 10-Count
Say Anything You Like on this Plastic Bookmark
Item Number: 1224
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- Braille Mantel Piece Ornament
Large, Free-Standing, Hand-Carved Decoration
Item Number: 6051
Available Messages: Merry Christmas, Season's Greetings, Let there be Light, or the Entire Set (for $19.95)
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