Braille Christmas Tree Ornament: The King has Come

Hang a Wooden Decoration that Everyone can Read

Item Number: 1324

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Larger picture of our Braille Christmas Tree Ornament: The King has Come

Product Description:

F: Wooden Christmas tree ornaments are hand-carved and painted.
Ornaments display both print and Braille.

Some of the most tactile, most festive decorations for Christmas Trees across the country are made of wood. And since making things out of wood is our specialty, we're pleased to bring you our line of Braille, hand-painted Christmas decorations.

This wooden ornament is shaped like a candycane, and has the message "The King has Come" on it. Don't worry, the message is written in both print and raised Braille, meaning that everyone can read the little phraise. So pick up a couple to complete your tree this Christmas. You can include all your friends and family, blind and sighted, in admiring the decorations.

Measures about 3 in. by 3 in. by 3 in.

(From the Braille Novelties shelf.)

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