Bell Hockey Ball, Three-Pack

Pack of Three Foam Balls, Each with a Bell Inside

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Product Features

2" soft, light-weight foam ball with tinkling sound.
Join in the game; great for blind and sighted children alike.

Product Description:

He's over the blue line on the attack ... fakes a pass ... slap-shot ... he scores! ... The fast-paced action of Ice Hockey has captured the imagination of people around the world for decades. But on those long Winter evenings when there isn't a game on, or in the middle of Summer when it's too hot to play outside, kids and adults alike enjoy playing their own indoor version of the sport: Mini Hockey, or Floor Hockey, as it's sometimes called. Yes, here's your chance to join in the fun.

Our Bell Hockey Ball is just a regular Mini Hockey ball, with a small bell inside. Made entirely of foam, this light-weight, two-inch ball is perfect for almost any setting. You can play (within reason) knowing you won't hurt anyone or break anything, because the ball is soft and light. What's more, everyone will know where the ball is because of the tinkling sound it makes as it moves. Lastly, even if a ball or two goes missing (seemingly lost forever beneath the sofa), don't dispare; this package comes with three identical bell foam hockey balls.

All you need now is something to serve as a net for each player - anything from a cardboard box to the fireplace harth will do. Then pick up a couple plastic sticks (and a three-pack of these audible balls), and let the fun begin! Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Package Weight: about 0.9 ounces.

(From the Sporting Goods shelf.)

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