Two-Piece Set of Adjustable Measuring Spoons

Item Number: 1038
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Product Features

Two-piece set: includes one adjustable teaspoon and one adjustable tablespoon.
Teaspoon measures 5 sizes; tablespoon measures 6.
Both plastic and metal spoons are dishwasher-safe.

Product Description:

Well, what could go along better with our adjustable measuring cup, than a set of adjustable measuring spoons? That's what we thought too - not much ...

This two-piece set includes one adjustable teaspoon and one adjustable tablespoon. The single teaspoon can measure five different sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 full teaspoon. And the tablespoon, predictably enough, measures half a teaspoon all the way up to a full tablespoon, increasing in half-teaspoon increments.

So how do these work? The concept is pretty simple, really - but rather ingenious, we might add. The spoon starts out at full size, but by simply moving the slider along the handle, you achieve just the desired measurement in seconds. The slider firmly clicks into place at each position, making it a snap for a blind person to count clicks until you get to the right size. Clean-up is also a breeze; the slider snaps on and off for easy washing, and both the plastic and metal spoons are dishwasher-safe.

Package Weight: about 4.6 ounces.

Due to popular demand, our Adjust-a-Spoons are now available in both plastic and metal. Please skim down to pick which type of set you'd like.


Item Number: 1038-1

Made of lightweight plastic. Suitable for measuring dry ingredients only. Dishwasher-safe on top rack.

Price: $4.95
Shipping: FREE


Item Number: 1038-2

Constructed out of sturdy stainless steel with the attractive satin finish. Use to measure dry or liquid ingredients. Dishwasher safe in silverware tray.

Price: $13.95
Shipping: FREE

(From the Kitchen Corner shelf.)

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