2018 Day Planner Refill (Current Year's Calendar to Insert in Your Binder)

Item Number: 3003

This book for the blind is offered in Original or Unified English Braille. What is Original Braille? What is Unified English Braille

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Product Features

Refill your binder with the current year's calendar.
Get started on the new year's important dates.
Just insert the new punched sheets into your binder and you're good to go.

Product Description:

Some of you have been faithfully ordering our Braille day planners for years - and see no point in getting a new binder every single year. Frankly, we understand your logic ... So here, just for you, is an alternative, and one that even saves you a couple bucks!

You can now order just the brailled sheets for your new day planner. Of course, the entire set of pages is three-hole punched, meaning you can simply open up the rings of your current day planner binder, remove the old pages, and insert these brand-new ones in their place. In other words, it's out with the old year - and in with the new!

Package Weight: about 1.1 pounds.

(From the Braille Calendars shelf.)

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